The elegant multi-cuisine restaurant at Indismart Hotel is a vibrant confluence of traditional and contemporary sophistication.

X-Spicy is a vibrant confluence of traditional and contemporary sophistication. This elegant Multi-Cuisine restaurant is located at the 1st floor exactly opposite to the Smart Gym.

Our cohesive Chef team has introduced unusual creations and pairings in various cuisines successfully in popular events and festivals. The breakfast menu is a rich accumulation of Indian recipes evolved to the next level. The lunch and dinner are laced with mouth watering multi cuisines with a never-say-no dessert station. We prefer to maintain certain varieties in the offerings daily.

Spice Junction

We've established a distinct regional home style eating experience in our quest to provide original, unadulterated encounters. The home-style meal, which is always prepared with a local touch, guarantees that you stay healthy and happy throughout your visit.

If you're seeking forone-of-a-kind dining experience in Goa, go no further than the Restaurant at Woodbourne Resort’s Restaurant. This unparalleled bistro is settled within a lovely resort with lush green flora and breathtaking views along with an open-air kitchen and a large eating space and offers a wide range of classic Goan cuisine, as well as some more creative fare. This Resort Restaurant in Goa is sure to impress, whether you're searching for a quick lunch or a leisurely supper.

The Restaurant

Our Restaurants are ideal for those who want wonderful meals and leisure.

An Experience for the Senses
The Restaurant

Whether you choose to eat traditional Goancuisine or something more cosmopolitan, you'll be able to satisfy your appetite. And what could be more idyllic than savoring a delectable dinner while relaxing in the lap of nature?

Our Restaurants are wonderful spot to dine-in while admiring the resort's natural splendor. There is something for everyone on the menu, which includes a range of traditional Indian and exotic cuisine.  Whether you're looking for a light snack or a full meal, we has something for everyone to suit their appetite on the menu. And what more, the stunning views of the resort's encompassing make dining here truly unforgettable. After a long and exciting day of Goa tour, the restaurant offers a large range of wine and beer, making it the ideal spot to unwind.

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